Scheduling repeated random selections

Follow the link to see how to perform a random selection. In order to schedule repeated random selections, edit the fields in the “Schedule Details” section of the page for that random selection. Follow these steps to configure a random selection that repeats on a quarterly basis.

Step 1. Configure when the random should repeat

  1. If you would like the random to repeat quarterly you can choose “Monthly” for the “Repeats” field.
  2. Choose “3” for the “Repeats Every N Months” field to setup a quarterly schedule.
  3. You can setup the random to repeat either on a particular day of the week or month (for example, the second Tuesday, or the 9th of Monday).
  4. If you want to edit the schedule for the repeated random selection go to “Schedule” from the main navigation, click on the specific repeated random selection, and click the “Details” tab.
  5. Click “Save” and then refresh the web browser to create the incident for the random selection.

Note: For a repeated random selection, the number or percentage of donors is for the entire year. For example, if a random selection was scheduled to repeat every quarter, and “20” was entered as the random selection percentage, the percentage for the quarterly random selection would be 5%. So in this case, for an eligible donor list of 20 people, 1 person would be tested every quarter. Also, that person would be randomly selected each quarter, taking into account any possible employee roster changes in between random selections.