Receiving results electronically from labs or MROs

Follow these steps to receive results electronically from a Lab or MRO.

Step 1. Set up the Lab/MRO Connection

  1. Contact your representative at TestVault and let them know you’d like to integrate with a particular lab or MRO.
  2. We will provide you with a basic form for you to fill out indicating which accounts should have their results delivered electronically to TestVault.
  3. Once you fill this out we will deliver it to the lab or MRO to establish the data connection.

Step 2. Receiving results

  1. When a result is sent, TestVault will review the data to see if there are any errors or missing information.
  2. If there are no errors or missing information, the result will automatically be imported and will show up in list in the “Incidents” section.
  3. If there is an error or some missing information, the result will show up on the “Dashboard” under the “Pending Activity” tab on the right, labelled as a failed import.
  4. In this case, you can click on the individual import to review all the data TestVault received from the lab or MRO. The raw data will be displayed on the left and the matched TestVault objects will be displayed on the right (for example, Company, Person, or Test Panel).
  5. You can enter any missing data and click “Save” to finalize the import. Once this is done, the result will be available in the list on the “Incidents” page.