Providing a coworker with administrative access

Follow these steps to provide a coworker with administrative access.

Step 1. Find your company page

  1. Click “Groups” from the main navigation.
  2. Find and select your company name. You can use the search box to quickly find your company name.

Step 2. Add your coworker to your list of people

  1. From the company page, click on the “People” link.
  2. Click the “New Person” button.
  3. Edit the person’s information, including email address.
  4. In the field “Permissions Group,” select “Compliance Administrator.”
  5. Click Save. Your coworker will now appear under the “People” link.¬†An email will automatically be sent to your coworker inviting them to TestVault.

Step 3. Confirming administrative access

  1. Once your coworker clicks on the link provided in the email, he or she can set their password and gain access to TestVault.