Performing a random selection

For this example we’re going to assume you’re performing a standard DOT random, selecting 50% of employees for a drug test and 10% for an alcohol test. Follow these steps to perform the random selection.

Step 1. Create a new random selection

  1. Click “Incidents” from the main navigation.
  2. Click the “New” button, and select “Random Selection.”

Step 2. Specify whether you want to choose from all employees or just a subset

  1. Use the Location, Department, Shift, and Filter fields to specify which subset of employees you would like to select from. If you don’t use any of these fields, the randoms will be drawn from the entire employee list.

Step 3. Specify the number of alternates

  1. Enter the number of alternates as either an absolute number or percentage. For example, to select 25%  of an eligible list of 20 people you can enter “25” in the “Num Alts” field and select “percent of people from the group” for “Num Alts Type.” Alternatively, you could enter “5” in “Num Alts” and “people from the group” for “Num Alts Type.”
  2. When performing a random selection on a consortium you can select the “people from each selected company”  in the “Num Alts Type” field to make sure that alternates are chosen from the same companies as the donors.

Step 4. Indicate what type of tests you want to perform

  1. Fill out the information for the drug test in the “Specimen 1” section: choose “Urine” for “Type”, “5-Substances (DOT)” for “Panel”, “50” for “Num Donors”, and “percent of people from the group” for “Num Donors Type”.
  2. Fill out the information for the alcohol test in the “Specimen 2” section: choose “Breath” for “Type”, “Alcohol” for “Panel”, “10” for “Num Donors”, and “percent of people from the group” for “Num Donors Type”.

Step 5. Choose whether different test types should be pulled independently

  1. Leave the box at the bottom of “Random Selection Details” blank if you want to ensure that donors from your random selection are tested for all specimen types chosen. For example, if you were performing a random selection where 3 people required breath alcohol tests and 5 people required a drug test, leaving this box unchecked would ensure that 3 donors are tested for both alcohol and drugs while 2 donors are only tested for drugs. Choosing this option will mean that TestVault will perform independent random selection for each specimen and test panel, so that in the above example donors for the alcohol test would not necessarily have to also take the drug test.

Step 6. Edit the results of individual drug tests for the random selection

  1. If you are using one of our Lab or MRO partners your results will be imported automatically, however you can still edit the results manually if necessary. To do so, click on this random selection on the Incidents list.
  2. Select an individual test by using the drop-down list and clicking “Go.” You can also click directly onto one of the tests in the list.
  3. You can edit this like any other individual test.

Step 7. Save and close the random selection

  1. When the results of all of the tests are entered and saved, the status of the random selection will be marked complete and you will be asked whether you want to close the random selection. Click “Cancel” to keep the random selection in the open list, click “Yes” to move the random selection to the closed list.