Generating invoices automatically based on tests you have performed

Once a specimen has been marked collected it is ready to be invoiced. Follow these steps to automatically generate invoices based on tests that you have performed.

Step 1. Generate invoices

  1. Click “Billing” from the main navigation.
  2. Click “Generate Invoices.”
  3. A message should appear notifying you of how many tests that have not yet been invoiced. Click “Yes” to generate invoices.
  4. If you get a warning message indicating that some “prices are missing” then you should go to the “Price Schedule” section and enter prices for these combinations.

Note: For each company you can configure whether the all tests are grouped together on a single invoice or whether each test is placed on its own invoice. The latter is useful if you accept payment from donors right when the specimen is collected. Otherwise, you will typically want to keep all tests on a single invoice, which is the default setup. You can configure this on a company-by-company basis on each Company’s Detail Page.