Creating a consortium

TestVault allows you to easily create a consortium from a list of companies. You can do this by creating rules that indicate which companies should be included in the consortium. In most cases you will only need to create a single rule which specifies the list of companies, however you can use multiple rules if necessary.  Follow these steps to add a consortium.

Step 1. Create the new consortium

  1. Click “Groups” from the main navigation.
  2. Click the “New” button, and select “Consortium.”

Step 2. Edit the consortium

  1. Edit the consortium information, including name and account rep.
  2. Click “Save” to add the consortium.
  3. Click on the “New Rule” button.
  4. Indicate what subset of employees should be included in the consortium. This can be all employees, all employees that have a specific occupation, or all employees that have a specific DOT classification.
  5. Once you have indicated which type of employees to include, you can add the companies. Type the first few letters of the company name in the clients field and TestVault will automatically suggest matching companies. After selecting each company a new row will appear and you will be able to add another. Continue until all companies have been added.
  6. Click “Save.” The consortium details screen will appear and the rule that was just entered will appear at the bottom of the screen under “Description.” This rule can be edited at any time from this location.
  7. You can see the list of all employees in the consortium by clicking on the “People” link above.
  8. Note that additional rules can be added to the consortium as needed.