The billing and invoice settings for your TestVault account can be set in the “Billing” section from the navigation bar. In the “Invoices” section you can create, view, and edit your invoices. Clicking the “Generate Invoices” button will automatically create invoices from completed incidents. These invoices can then be faxed or emailed using the stored contact information for each company. The Price Schedule allows you to use groups and rules to price differently based on client, panel, and test type.


  • View a list of all pending, sent, or paid invoices
  • Create a new invoice manually
  • Generate invoices automatically from completed tests
  • Send invoices via fax or email to stored recipients
  • Download PDF versions of your invoices
  • Receive payment via credit card

Price Schedule

  • Create price schedules using groups and rules so that you can price differently based on client, panel, and test type