Referral Program Terms

Our referral program pays you when you help us to bring on new clients. Before you get started with this program, please make sure to read these terms and let us know if you have any questions.

  • A referral is defined as a direct introduction via email or phone to someone who is not an active lead (someone we haven’t contacted directly in the last 30 days).
  • For everyone you refer who becomes a client within 30 days, we’ll send you 10% of whatever they pay us every month into the future.
  • If one year goes by without any referrals or without any of your referrals turning into clients, the referral fees get paused until another referral becomes a client.
  • If you cancel TestVault (which we hope will never happen) no further referral payments will be made.

Examples are worth 1,000 words:

  • March (Referral payment: $0): Refer 5 top-tier ($200/month) people who become customers within 30 days
  • April (Referral payment: $100): Refer 2 more people who become customers
  • May (Referral payment: $140): No converted referrals this month
  • June (Referral payment: $140): No converted referrals this month
  • July (Referral payment: $140): 5 converted referrals this month
  • August (Referral payment: $240): Now we’re actually paying you to use TestVault!!
  • You could at this point not make a single referral or do any work whatsoever and generate $2,880 annually. Better yet, if we convert a single referral of yours in July of next year, you continue making all this money every year without any additional work or referrals.