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Addiction is not uncommon in any occupation, and a focus on employee heath and wellbeing is necessary in all industries. Still, rates of drug abuse and addiction are higher in some industries than others. There are many factors that help determine which industries and jobs see more employees with substance abuse issues including gender, pay rate, region, and industry rank. According to a study by SAMSHA, the following occupations have the highest rates of substance abuse:

  1. Food preparation and serving (17.4%)
  2. Construction (15.1%)
  3. Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media (12.4%)
  4. Sales (9.6%)
  5. Installation, maintenance, and repair (9.5%)
  6. Farming, Fishing, and Forestry (8.7%)
  7. Transportation and Material-Moving (8.4%)
  8. Cleaning and Maintenance (8.2%)
  9. Personal Care and Service (7.7%)
  10. Office and Administrative Support (7.5%)

One of the things many of these professions have in common with each other is a low incidence of drug testing. Are you an employer in one of these industries? It may be time to consider implementing a drug testing program of your own. 


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