Employees who use drugs are 3.5 times more likely than others to be involved in a workplace accident, and drug use in the workplace doesn’t just hurt the offender. In fact, 80% of employees injured in a drug-related accident are innocent bystanders.

Drug testing is a preventative method meant to ensure safety in the workplace. But that doesn’t stop drug users from going to great lengths to try to pass a drug test. It’s understandable then, that some employers are concerned that drug-abusing employees will find a way to pass, rendering a drug testing program useless. Fortunately, many of the most common practices for cheating on a drug test are based on myths.

Myth #1: Exercise


After consumption of cannabis, the body begins to metabolize the THC which is then stored in fat cells. The theory behind this myth is that if you get rid of the fat, you’ll also get rid of the THC. But unless an employee is aware of a drug test a few months in advance (which is rarely the case) he or she wont have nearly enough time to lose the amount of weight needed to test negative on a drug test.

Myth #2: Drink lots of water


It’s actually true that drinking lots of water will make it more difficult to detect drugs in a urine sample. But drinking a ton of water will also throw off creatinine levels, and that is a big red flag to drug testers. If creatinine levels are off the tester will put the sample through more rigorous testing, testing that is sure to detect even the tiniest amounts of drugs in the sample.

Myth #3: Diuretics 

Diuretics like coffee and cranberry juice cause you to urinate more frequently, and many people believe that drinking these beverages in excess will flush any traces of a drug out of the system. This is true to an extent, but diuretics also¬†eliminate key ingredients in your system that testers are trained to look for. If these substances are absent from a sample, it’s clear to a tester that the substance has been tampered with.

Drug testing isn’t meant to be an inconvenience, it’s meant to keep the workplace safe. Remember, there is one certain way to pass a drug test: Stop using drugs.