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New Recently Added Feature!

We move pretty quickly. Check back regularly for updates.
Credit Card Billing
Once your invoices are ready, you can charge your clients’ credit cards right from TestVault. Credit card information is stored on a secure, PCI-compliant server so you only have to enter billing information once.

Access Anywhere

  • Web based: Where there’s a computer with an internet connection, there’s TestVault.
  • iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets: Yep, you can use these to manage your test results too!
  • Unlimited locations and users: There are no limits on the number of users you can add to TestVault, and you can use TestVault to manage your business from any location with no restriction.
  • Client access: Your clients can access TestVault too! With a restricted user account, they’ll only have access to their own data, even if they’re part of a consortium.


  • Data encryption: Every bit of data you view on TestVault or send to TestVault is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
  • One-way encrypted passwords: The passwords you use on TestVault are stored using a one-way encryption so even our developers can’t figure out what your password is.
  • Secure, SSAE 16 compliant hosting facility: TestVault is hosted in a secured, unmarked building with 24×7 on-site security staff. The servers on which it resides are firewalled for added protection, and all access is logged for auditing purposes.

Customer Resource Management

  • Contact management: Manage your customers, labs and other vendors all in one place, along with their employees and locations.
  • Consortium management: Rules-based consortiums update automatically when new people are added or modified.
  • Lead tracking: Track your leads and prospects right in TestVault. Quickly convert them into a full-fledged company in the CRM when they’re ready to become a customer.
  • Import company and employee rosters: When it comes time to run a DOT random, you can import update your employee rosters in just a couple steps using our CSV import tool.

Automated results importing

TestVault will automatically import your results for you from a variety of vendors.

  • Alere
  • American Medical Review
  • Central Drug System
  • CRL
  • DISA
  • Doctor’s Review Service
  • eScreen
  • IMT
  • LabCorp
  • Legacy
  • MedTox
  • Nationwide Testing Association
  • Omega
  • One Source
  • PAML
  • Paragon
  • Psychemedics
  • Quest
  • RedWood Toxicology
  • Secure Results
  • University Services
  • Other MROs and Labs: Are we missing someone? Let’s talk then. We can likely integrate with any MRO or Lab in a matter of weeks.


  • Group related tests: TestVault makes it easy to organize your tests by grouping multiple donors and specimen into a single group called an incident.
  • Random selections: Enter a percentage or absolute number of donors and TestVault will handle random selection for you with a DOT compliant random number generator.
  • Location and classification-based randoms: Do a random for the entire company, only one of the company’s locations, or for a specific classification.
  • Scheduled randoms: You can set up a monthly, quarterly, or annually repeating schedule for random selections or even have TestVault select random dates for you. When the selection is 2 weeks away, TestVault will email you to let you know.
  • Quest test ordering: Place orders with any Quest testing site across the country.


  • One-click consortium report distribution: With the click of a button, TestVault will send company-specific reports to each company represented in a consortium.
  • Easy PDF exports: Download PDFs of any report to store on your computer or share with others.
  • Email or fax: TestVault automatically handles emailing and faxing of any report you can generate. Better yet, you can subscribe any person in the system to different types of notifications so that all you have to do is click send.
  • Flexible notifications: With TestVault, you can set up client notifications so that one contact can receive invoices, another receives test results for one branch office, and another receives only positive results.
  • Lots of reports to choose from:
    • MIS report
    • Notification letters
    • Donor selection lists
    • Alternates selection lists
    • Eligible donor lists
    • Randoms summary
    • Enrollment certification


  • Flexible pricing: With TestVault, you have the ultimate flexibility in pricing. You can price differently based on client, panel, test type and more.
  • Quickbooks desktop integration: Don’t bother spending time manually entering your invoices into Quickbooks. We’ll handle that for you. Just click the button.
  • One-click invoicing: When you’re ready to send out those invoices, just click the ‘Generate Invoices’ button and TestVault will handle the rest. With another click, you can distribute all your pending invoices by email.

Document Management

  • Virtual file room: Every client has their own virtual file room. Upload digitized chain of custodies, contracts, whatever you need quick access to in the future.

 Coming Soon

TestVault is dedicated to making it easy for you to do business, and to freeing you up from menial tasks so you can concentrate on great customer service and keeping your customers compliant. With that in mind, we’re constantly making improvements. Here’s what’s on our queue roughly in order of priority:

  • HIPAA compliance: Soon, we expect TestVault to be the only HIPAA compliant test management solution on the market. That means you’ll be able to track bloodwork, DOT physicals, and other protected health information.
  • Electronic Chain of Custody (eCCF): With eCCF in place you’ll be able to run your tests without touching a single piece of paper.