On November 8th, eight states legalized either recreational or medicinal marijuana. That means that over half of the United States (a total of 33 states) has legalized marijuana in some capacity.

The passing of this legislation leaves many employers wondering how their workplace drug testing policies will be affected. Here are some things to keep in mind going forward:

  1. Now is a good time to review your companies drug testing policy. Have an attorney check to see that your policy is compliant with all federal and state laws.
  2. Communication is key- let employees know your expectations on matters of drug use and testing. Your drug testing policy should be written, easy to understand, and well communicated. If changes are made to your policy be sure to inform your employees.
  3. Emphasize the importance of a drug free workplace. It is essential to the safety, productivity, and health of employees. Having a drug free workplace increases trust and confidence among coworkers.
  4. Continue (or increase) drug testing. Drug abuse in this country is on the rise, and changing laws are no reason to be lax on drug testing.

Remember, state law may allow marijuana use, but federal law does not. You have the right to keep your workplace drug free. That being said, it is important to pay attention to ever-changing laws in this area.