Drug testing software that's powerful and easy to use

Fully Featured

TestVault covers all your business needs. You can run random selections, receive results electronically from labs and MROs, invoice your clients, provide them with web portal access, and keep track of potential customers with our built-in sales software.

Easy to Use

A lot of times software this fully featured can become complex and hard to use. Unlike many other products, TestVault was designed from the ground up to be user friendly and intuitive. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Beautiful Reports

The ultimate product of the work you do for your clients comes in the form of a report. We wanted the quality of our reports to match the quality of the service your clients receive. So, we gave this area a little extra attention. You can view your reports online or download them to PDF for distribution. If you want to send a report to a client or anyone else, you can email it right from TestVault in one simple step.

Billing and Invoicing

With the billing module, TestVault automatically creates and updates your clients’ invoices as you complete tests. You can set pricing based on incident type and specimen type. If you have special pricing for a particular customer, you can override prices as necessary. When you’re ready to bill your clients, you can email the invoices from TestVault in one simple step. It’s really that easy.

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QuickBooks Support

Nobody like data entry. It’s boring, time-consuming and error-prone. It’s even worse if you have to enter the same data twice. With Quickbooks support, you just click the “Export to Quickbooks” button and all your invoices get synced. If you need to make a change to an invoice, just make that change in TestVault and let TestVault update your invoices in Quickbooks.

Client Web Portal

We understand how important regular communication is to your clients – delivering reports, updating employee lists, etc. TestVault makes it easier than ever to keep your clients in the loop. Make anyone in the company an administrator, and they have their own interface for managing their employees – marking them inactive or ineligible for testing – and viewing detailed information about your tests including levels, important dates, and more.

Access from Anywhere

Before we wrote even a single line of TestVault, we called over 100 TPAs and asked them what they needed. The consensus was clear: a solution that managers and employees can access from anywhere at any time. TestVault was built from the ground up with this ability at its core.

We’ve made use of the most modern web technologies, which means a number of things for our users.

  1. If you have an internet connection, you’ve got TestVault: access to all your customer contact information, billing, test data – all the data your business runs on.
  2. You can use TestVault from your PC, your Mac, your iPad, even your iPhone. Yep, really.
  3. Everyone at your business (and even outside of your business, if you so desire) can interact together on a single system. No syncing necessary.

Great Support You Won’t Need

We don’t want to have you looking at documentation or working around an annoying bug. Honestly, we don’t even want you to call us (unless you want to tell us how great we are). We want you to be using software that works and that just makes sense. That’s what TestVault is about. Sure, if you need to talk to us, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Support is part of the package and so are upgrades.

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